Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Debrief
Secret Agendas

Every story has two sides if not more. You must hear all sides before making a judgment and even then you can still be wrong. It's all about secret agendas and things humans forget to factor in when watching events unfold. Our reality is based on secrets and lies much like soap operas. They hold the attention of some people while others are not programed to connect.

The Book of Secrets
Presidents always have secrets some written about in an old book that only they can read. In 2009 President Obama said he has read the book but won't tell what's in it. He has hinted more than once of alien and human involvement but said, "I am not allowed to share this information." Allowed? For fear of? You may remember that book referenced in the 2007 Nicolas Cage film National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

There are many interesting stories about former President Harry S. Truman ... from secret meetings with aliens to ...
Seventy years ago today, President Harry S. Truman announced that the secrets of the atomic bomb would be shared only with Britain and Canada. The U.S., of course, had used the bombs to attack Japan in World War II and was the only country with nuclear capability. Polls showed that 70 percent of Americans and 90 percent of congressmen didn't want to share atomic secrets with anyone. But Britain and Canada already had some of that knowledge because their scientists had come to the U.S. to help build the bombs. Should the U.S. also share information with the Soviet Union, another World War II ally, in negotiations on banning the bomb as a weapon? When the war ended, President Truman decided no. The Soviets got it anyway - thanks partly to Klaus Fuchs, a German scientist and Communist who fled Hitler and was part of the British mission at Los Alamos, N.M., from 1944 to 1946. He gave design details to the Soviets that some say advanced their atomic bomb program by at least two years. The Soviets exploded a bomb that resembled that of the Americans about four years later. And the nuclear arms race was on.

The sun is still active. If you're waiting for a CME to hit Earth and take us out ... I don't see it but it could be part of the surprise ending many intuit and some connect with. In an illusion all things are possible no matter had ridiculous they may seem. CMEs and mass extinction take us to a 2009 Nicolas Cage film Knowing replete with cool aliens and UFOs all of which have secret agendas.

The Trickster ... How do you visualize him ... or her? Who is the biggest Trickster in the world today? It's like asking, "Who is the Antichrist? There are many choices but it's just a myth in the duality of good vs. evil or functional vs. dysfunctional. More dramas ... on the road to .... (You fill in the answer).

Tomorrow is the last day of Mercury Retrograde ... Mercury being a Trickster God. We can't blame everything that goes wrong on Mercury Retrograde as all is preprogrammed. Many may have considered the bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan part of retrograde. With no way to cover up the truth - the military owned up to their mistake and Obama issued an apology which appeared to do little to satisfy the leader of Doctors Without Borders. Some are calling this a war crime. More dramas ...

Congress ... a governing body established in the 18th century that is outdated ... Playing Politics
A preliminary vote for House speaker, to replace John A. Boehner, begins behind closed doors at noon today. Representative Kevin McCarthy of California remains the favorite. Gen. John F. Campbell, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, testifies before Congress on the hospital bombing in Afghanistan.

Duality ...
Senate Democrats plan to block virtually all other bills starting today until their gun control measures get a vote. It's in response to last week's and other mass shootings. At the same time, many people around Roseburg, Oregon, where the massacre took place, say the shooting rampage only increased their belief in the importance of owning guns.

Senior moment ...
Rupert Murdoch, the chief of News Corporation, suggested that President Obama isn't a 'real black president' in a tweet that showed his support for Ben Carson, a black man running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Make up your mind, woman .. ! A woman can change her mind.
Hillary Clinton announced that she doesn't support President Obama's trans-Pacific trade pact, which she helped draft as secretary of state. Today she unveils proposals to curb risk-taking on Wall Street and hold more financial managers accountable for misconduct, a campaign aide said. Both positions could help her fend off a liberal challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. No one I know sees her winning the primary.

Turkey ... a month before Thanksgiving in an area where there is nothing to give thanks for. Turkey and Russia at war soon? We would have to help Turkey. Yup ... This is growing into World War III. I can't wait to hear what Sal, the super of my building, has to report when he returns from is annual month long visit with family in Turkey on October 19.
NATO's chief said today that the alliance was ready to defend its allies, including Turkey, against any threats. Turkey is concerned about Russia's military buildup in neighboring Syria. As they try to cope with the surge of Syrian refugees, European Union officials discuss today a list of countries whose citizens would not be eligible for political asylum.

I have many clients who work at EMC. I wonder what they think?
Dell is in advanced talks to buy EMC, the data storage business, potentially uniting two stalwarts of the technology industry, people with knowledge of the talks say.

Etsy and Amazon
I love Etsy. Here's a picture on Etsy of a Cheer Bow I had designed for my granddaughter Joie. She wears it all the time. People often leave their day job to heal, get creative, and find their purpose. To combine these elements - and earn a living - some set up a shop on Etsy and do quite well. With that in mind ... always ready to expand into new venues ... Amazon stepped into the handcrafted-goods ring with an online arts-and-crafts bazaar called Handmade at Amazon that takes aim at a market dominated by Etsy.

A little bit Rock and Roll...
First-time nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year include Janet Jackson, Chicago, the Cars, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller, the J.B.s and Los Lobos. The disco band Chic earns a record 10th nomination. Fans can vote The choices are announced in December.

More voting ...
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