Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday - Murphy's Law

The CMEs continue Thursday and may be slowing down now.

As the last moments of Mercury Retrograde come into focus ... Thursday, when Kevin McCarthy got up to speak - there were audio problems with his microphone - some Republicans in the room were unable to hear him when he began talking - not the most elegant eloquent speaker. I had bad vibes so when he chose not to at least try to replace Boehner that felt right or should I say as right as anything can in our political system. What a ridiculous mess the Republican party is this year. The question people are asking today is whether Paul Ryan will take the job until the end of 2016. House Republicans meet this morning at the Capitol to try to move forward after Kevin McCarthy's withdrawal from the race for speaker ended expectations of a tidy succession and sank Congress deeper into turmoil. He was undone by the same hard-line conservative faction that pushed John A. Boehner out. There are at least seven possible candidates for speaker.

Russian intervention in Syria is closing off Western options that might have threatened Syria's government, and could eventually force the West into a choice between President Bashar al-Assad or the Islamic State militant group. President Obama fears risking the escalation of the conflict and does not have a new strategy to resolve it or defeat ISIL, and the White House today ended the Pentagon's $500 million program to train and equip Syrian rebels.

Israel is barring its ministers and Parliament members as well as Muslim men under the age of 50 from the Jerusalem site revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, in an attempt to calm several days of violence in the Old City. The competing claims to what may be the world's most contested piece of real estate are a perennial focal point for flare-ups in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The stampede and crush last month outside the holy city of Mecca, a pillar of Islamic faith, killed at least 1,453 people, making it the event's deadliest disaster, according to a new tally from The Associated Press.

Federal and California regulators are investigating a second computer program in Volkswagen's diesel cars that affects the operation of the cars' emission controls. With VW cars under recall, diesel fans have few comparable options among other carmakers.

Massive El Nino is now 'too big to fail,' scientist says   LA Times - October 9, 2015
The winter over all of North America is definitely not going to be normal.

  One killed, 3 injured in shooting at Northern Arizona University   CNN - October 9, 2015
A predawn shooting at a campus in Arizona left one person dead and three others injured, authorities said. Police received a call early Friday about shots fired at Northern Arizona University's campus in Flagstaff.

The European migrant not only continues ... it worsens.