Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Week

  Lindsey Graham Drops Out of Presidential Race   CNN - December 21, 2015

As we come to the shortest day of the year, I find myself sleeping later. This is a short work week for most people hopefully to enjoy the holidays that begin on Thursday. School finished in many places - while here in the city Wednesday is the last day.

I spent the weekend with family and friends keeping the conversation light as we all know the issues facing us today. Yesterday my family and I watched the Pittsburg Steelers beat the Denver Broncos among other football adventures. It was nice to be with my cousin Beth from Boston and her family as the New England Patriots beat Tennessee Titans even with Tom Brady under the weather.

Speaking of sickness, everywhere I go, people are coughing so I am hoping for the best this winter, and wash my hands more often, especially after I get home.

Did you notice the red bars on the solar chart? Several people have mentioned glitches in electronics due to solar flares.

I have been"seeing" snow as I look out but it is not deep, so hopefully it won't be a winter like last year. Remember ... "Polar Vortex" and that awful word "Nor'easter"? Actually they're predicting temperatures close to 70° on Christmas Eve (sorry Santa). Higher temperatures this winter from EL Nino means snow will melt faster.

Go out there and embrace every moment of happiness you can create. When trying to figure others out - look at the world through their eyes or perspective. It might help you get past holiday and other issues. Enjoy ...

Did you watch the season finale of "Homeland" Sunday night? Great show. It left the door open for 2016's adventures when we meet Carrie and company once again. At the end Carrie turned down the opportunity to work with Sol creating a new task force - and who can blame her. Actually, a much better opportunity happened for her along with the loss of two men she loved. Does that make three or did I miss someone? Every time I watch one of my favorite law enforcement shows - I have to wonder why anybody in their right mind would want a job like that - real or fiction. I know - it's about their programming and this feeling in humans that the good guys win in the end - but how often does that happen these days - and at what price?

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" earned about $517 million in ticket sales worldwide, obliterating multiple box office records, even when accounting for inflation. Disney is working on four more "Star Wars" -related movies. Roland Emmerich has a new "Independence Day" film for 2016 followed by another in 2018 and by 2020 a new Stargate. He is also aware of my film. Let's see where destiny takes us. Maybe Santa will bring Ellie a present though I am already grateful for everything in my life.

  Santa Claus is real and lives on Long Island original Frank from Brooklyn   CNN - December 21, 2015
Turns out old Man Christmas is a real guy who legally changed his name to Santa Claus. Santa actually lives on Long Island, N.Y., owns a barbecue company called Santa's BBQ and has been St. Nick for more than 20 years.

December 25, 2015

Full Moon 3° Cancer

Rare full moon on Christmas Day  
PhysOrg - December 17, 2015

December's full moon, the last of the year, is called the Full Cold Moon because it occurs during the beginning of winter. The moon's peak this year will occur at 6:11 a.m. EST. This rare event won't happen again until 2034. That's a long time to wait, so make sure to look up to the skies on Christmas Day