Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snowbound in Roswell

Kim Reporting Live From the Scene

All UFOs grounded until further notice.

Kim's yard - 19 inches and more on the way

Kim calls this "Blanket of Snow".

At the Roswell Zoo this morning

Kim emailed ...

    Snowbound! We don't have equipment to clear all the roads! 19 inches with 3 to 4 foot drifts at my house. I was prepared so am warm and cozy..town may be shut down for one more day..it is starting to melt but another quick storm is due tomorrow. I have only heard of one roof collapse at a business. I have pics and video on my FB page. I am catching up on my reading! Guess it is still warm in NYC! Crazy times! Thanks for checking in!!

The patterns of reality are changing whether/weather we like it or not. 2016 = (2+0+1+6) = 9 year in Numerology or closure of many things we experience in Time or perhaps Time itself.

New Year's Resolution for 2016

"Be Prepared"

December 31, 2015

This is the time of the year we reflect on the past and create a vision for our future though we know the unexpected rules reality these days. This is not going to be a self help blog because we've been down this road before and have to be realistic in 2016. There will be talk about New Years Resolutions or promises to yourself that can improve your life. Whatever works in this crazy world. The best resolution is to "Be Prepared". "For what"? you ask. Anything and everything. For me ... I'll be 73 in February and wonder if I will continue to blog ... hopefully until the end. "Of what?" you ask. You know the answer to that ... Time and Illusion.

As we come to the final days of 2015, many of us wonder why we are still here. Are we actually here or are we stuck in someone's dream/game/illusion/time loop? Several psychics have sent me their list of predictions for 2016, but once again they are all predictable as we understand the patterns of reality. It looks like it will be more of the same but with greater emphasis and dramas especially as we get close to the US elections. Reality, as we perceive/receive it, is building to a crescendo as we watch and wait, marking life in the illusion of linear time, all the while hoping answers will be given, secrets revealed, that keynote moment we sense finally arriving. Students and teachers are on holiday so once again they come for annual visits as if a checkup about the many topics in their lives and the world. For now enjoy the holidays and try to relax.