Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wake-up Theater Dream

Friday December 4, 2015

I was at the top of a large theater where I entered with a man who seemed to be my date - tall, thin, Caucasian, nice looking, dressed in a white short sleeve shirt and pants. I wore a short sleeve white dress. We entered at the top of the balcony then walked downward to our seats in the first row of the mezzanine - my favorite place to sit.

After I sat down he looked at the top of the balcony where I saw or felt the energy of a woman. He told me he had to meet and talk with her. I was agreeable. Then I realized he was not coming back. All I wanted to make me feel secure was my black bag (pocketbook). I turned to my left - which would have been his seat - and there it was.

I picked up the bag and put it on my left shoulder as I always carry it. I quickly felt for my "keys" and was happy they were there. I peeked inside the bag and noted my wallet with my identity cards and money were also there. I smiled knowingly, got up, and left the theater with this thought in mind: I have everything I need to go home.

The theater represents our reality where everything that is seen as projected illusion. The man was obviously Z who left me - talk about abandonment issues! The woman he went back to - I can only assume is a higher aspect of myself. Everything in white speaks of creation. My thoughts towards the man went from safe to abandonment, followed by "I'm going home so all is well".

I left the theater secure in the knowledge that I had everything I needed to get me home. My conclusion is there isn't much time left in this reality.

Z often goes away for weeks but now he seems to be around a lot more. True he returns every December - and after years of noting that fact - I realize he's here to play the role of Jesus and whatever religious icons are pertinent to our current holidays. We're close.

What's being said

Tashfeen Malik 27 - most likely not her real name
Radicalized her husban.
Had a child to secure she would remain in the US
The plot - like most others - orchestrated and funded by the Cabal or the US government
Obama knows - can't say - so he lies
Another diversion
This is just beginning