Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Republican Debate Starring
Donald Trump

Tonight in Las Vegas. For entertainment purposes only. Let the best man win.

This should be entertaining if not informative and emotionally driven. Tonight at 8:30 EST we get to see nine presidential hopefuls share the stage for the first Republican debate since the attacks in France and San Bernardino. Could this be the last stand for many of these candidates? The focus has shifted to national security and immigration. You now the main topics facing the US now and who's leading in the polls, which like anything else can change in an instant. I don't take any of it seriously, just focus on what most people have finally figured out - the political system is corrupt and the interests of the people do not generally determine what actually happens. In any change of Presidency - people's hopes become focused for something better in the future. But now we're realizing most of the issues cannot be resolved.

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Sci-fi Week

Science fiction opens our minds and memories to things that go beyond physical science as we understand the illusion of life today. It gives greater meaning to our dreams, unexplained experiences, and reality itself. It moves us from what we call pseudoscience into fact. Our time in the hologram is nothing more than a science-fiction adventure if one was to see it from another perspective. The Syfy Network and Christmas feature films begin as we move from the illusion of one year into the illusion of the next ... May the Force be with you ...

Monday December 18, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Official Website

The latest edition to the "Stars Wars" series debuted in Hollywood Monday night. It will be released publicly Friday - some of you may have already secured your tickets. Most people I know love Star Wars, but I have never been a - thought science fiction is such a major part of my life. I watched the first "Star Wars" - didn't connect and never went past that. I'm sure "Star Wars the Force Awakens" will be a major season blockbuster and wish everyone involved in the film much success.

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The reaction was strong to "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" at the film's world premiere in Hollywood.