Monday, December 7, 2015


The expected ... Nothing new and no sense of bipartisanship with Obama's speech last night. I've never seen a president look this tired and defeated as he enters the final year of his term. In a rare Oval Office address, President Obama called for tougher screening of travelers who come to the U.S. without visas. He also asked Congress to ban gun sales to people on the government's no-fly list, and for limits on assault weapons. His speech did not include a new strategy to contain or defeat the so-called Islamic State, which might have inspired last week's rampage in San Bernardino, Calif. He also didn't do a good enough job reaching out to Republicans. We no longer wonder "if" there will be another terrorist attack on American soil but "when" it will occur. Obama said nothing to make us feel safe and powerful. What else will occur in Obama's last year in office? Nothing promising. What is US strategy overseas? Nothing Americans can clearly understand. More than anything we'd need truth and a strong leader ... Could Donald Trump be the only choice? Computer end program!

Two of my favorite programs dealt with terrorism again last night. "Homeland" faced the current situations connected to Syria - great episode. To keep things current I believe I heard they insert a quick reference to the Paris attacks while the character was not facing the camera - good touch as this season takes place in Germany. Where will the next act of bio-terrorism take place? "Quantico" gave us a look into the face of terrorism on US soil as one bomb went off at Grand Central terminal and another is about to happen somewhere else.

Paris: As COP21 finished this week, officials work to finalize a global agreement to curb growth of greenhouse gas emissions. Good luck with that. Everyone's got a plan. In other news across Europe caution prevails as people sense another terrorist attack.

Music to my ears: So far I've watched one hour of the 100th Anniversary Salute to Frank Sinatra as we approach his 100th birthday. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I knew the words of every song - having song them many times over when I was growing up and as an adult. Frank Sinatra was the favorite of my husband Ralph so we saw Sinatra in concert when we could. They were many people in my age group in the or audience enjoying the musical tribute.

Speaking of us old timers ... Sunday the Kennedy Center honored a lifetime of achievement in the performing arts to Carole King, George Lucas, Seiji Ozawa, Cicely Tyson and Rita Moreno.

Opera: Tonight is one of the year's biggest events in European culture: the season opener at La Scala opera house in Milan. La Scala, built in 1788 and one of the world's most famous opera houses, has premiered works by Verdi, Bellini, Donizetti, Puccini, Rossini and Salieri, among others. Verdi's 'Joan of Arc,' which debuted at La Scala in 1845, will be performed there tonight for the first time in 150 years. The neo-Classical theater was bombed by Allied forces in 1943 and restored after World War II, in 1946. A major renovation was completed in 2004. And it has had an especially busy year, hosting performances during its usual summer break period for Expo Milano 2015, the world's fair. Despite La Scala's stature, some top singers refuse to perform there because of boos and jeers that rain down from the top of its six tiers - even Luciano Pavarotti was not immune. In 2006, a French singer quit midscene in Verdi's 'Aida.' His understudy had to rush onstage without in his street clothes.

Speaking of "Aida" - Do you remember this performance at the Great Pyramid?

The alien Blue Lady is Isis.

December 7, 1941

Attack on Pearl Harbor

  Attack on Pearl Harbor Google Videos

The attack led to the United States' entry into World War II.

December 6-14, 2015


Chanukah the Festival of Lights