Sunday, December 27, 2015


We come to the final days of 2015. Many of us wonder why we are still here. Are we actually here or are we stuck in someone's dream/game/illusion/time loop? Several psychics have sent me their list of predictions for 2016, but once again they are all predictable as we understand the patterns of reality. It looks like it will be more of the same but with greater emphasis and dramas especially as we get close to the US elections. Reality, as we perceive/receive it, is building to a crescendo as we watch and wait, marking life in the illusion of linear time, all the while hoping answers will be given, secrets revealed, that keynote moment we sense finally arriving. Students and teachers are on holiday so once again they come for annual visits as if a checkup about the many topics in their lives and the world. For now enjoy the holidays and try to relax.

Ellie's 2015 Holiday Adventures

Chanukah: Lighting the Menorah Each Night

Visiting the Dumbo Section of Brooklyn with Ron

Christmas Earrings, Blue Neck and King Tut's Beard,
GOP, Films Featuring Aliens, The Equation

Ellie's Ugly Christmas Sweater Arrives on Time

Christmas Party at Karen's House

Christmas Fun in Brooklyn With Harold

Christmas Lunch with Zsia, Mary, and Liz

Ellie's Favorite Photos from 2015

Funny Stuff...