Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fiery New Moon
7° Sagittarius

We have a fiery new moon and sadly a Colombian plane crash with 76 confirmed dead - 5 survivors.

We have fiery tempers as Trump fills in the blanks for his new administration.

We have fiery factions erupting as the national divide grows stronger - people using Trump vs. Clinton as an excuse to vent and act out.

A fiery moon continues to activate the mentally unbalanced.

Fiery moon and Tennessee wildfires


Nothing is more fiery than divorce - before, during, and after - in many cases
  Sarah Jessica Parker on the humor, pathos and brutality of 'Divorce'   CNN - November 28, 2016
Sarah Jessica Parker finds it ironic that couples who divorce have to come together in order to end their marriage. That's the premise of her HBO comedy, "Divorce."


Fiery Wars ... Humans went from land to sea and now to space...

  US military prepares for the next frontier: Space war   CNN - November 29, 2016

  War in Space: The Next Battlefield   CNN - 9:00 pm Tonight


Also in space ... Thanks to Cassini, the NASA craft that has been circling Saturn and its moons for 12 years, we know that there are methane lakes on Titan and jets of water shooting from Enceladus. Cassini is beginning the final months of its mission before crashing into the distant planet's clouds. Closer to home, space junk floating near Earth is presenting a problem for satellites. A Japanese entrepreneur says he wants to be space's trash collector.


Antarctica - Pyramids and Alien Bases

New Pyramid in Antarctica? Not Quite, Say Geologists   Live Science - November 29, 2016
An Antarctic mountain with a unique, pyramid-like shape is suddenly internet-famous, with countless theorists contemplating its origin. Some are wondering whether an ancient civilization created the rocky, pyramidal structure, and others are pointing toward outer space, speculating about the involvement of aliens. But Occam's razor - the idea that the simplest explanation is usually the right one - points to a far more mundane cause: Those steep, pyramid-like sides are likely the work of hundreds of millions of years of erosion.

Many UFO researchers connect Antarctic with alien bases and
pyramid structures buried under the ice. From Ancient Aliens 2016

Ancient Aliens Season 11 Episode 1 - Pyramids... by pedsta83