Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump's Media Moments

Trump's march to the White House created a wide schism within conservative media - his meetings with the press this week showing us that when the time is right he will speak the truth as no other President before him had the opportunity to do. He's going to deal with the press his way. During press conferences he will carefully chose who asks questions. The Greater Plan -- Bringing truth to the people at the end of the simulation.

An interesting question is - who will be Trump's press secretary? One of the contender is Laura Ingraham, 53, who ripped the Republican establishment for conspiring to thwart Trump's path to the party nomination. Ingraham shares Trump's antagonistic posture toward mainstream media, often attacking the journalists with whom she could spar as press secretary. But she has many flaws: 17 Of The Worst Attacks Potential Trump Press Secretary Laura Ingraham Has Made On Latinos, Civil Rights Groups, And Others

And so the conservative press and social media will continue to broadcast events giving us a smorgasbord of choices that will engage us - and often divert our attention - until the end.

Trump summons network execs and anchors   Daily Mail - November 23, 2016
'I'm in a room full of liars': Trump reams execs and anchors from the dishonest media at candid meeting at Trump Tower that turned into a 'f****ng firing squad

Trump's Reversals

Trump changes his mind a lot - from day to day and often hour to hour which shows he is not well informed. Many of the choices he made while campaigning, and makes now, will be quickly reversed - such as hiring the dreadful Steve Bannon.

Trump had two campaign managers until settling on Kellyanne Conway, seemingly the one to get the job done. But it wasn't her. Trump would have won no matter who ran the show/campaign.

It should come as no surprise to you that Trump has reversed many of the things he said while campaigning. I never saw him prosecuting Hillary and actually feel there's a connection between the two families that softened his stance while playing to her supporters. Further, both families are equally guilty in the quest for money and power.

Trump retreated from vows to pull out of the Paris climate accord and needs a reality check on Earth Changes because they are accelerating exponentially based on the same algorithm that is guiding his destiny. With global real estate investments, I'm sure he knows how climate and natural disasters can impact them.

We'll see about building that border wall. They should seal the tunnels first and watch for new tunnels.

Trump knows how to get around tax laws and will not separate from his business empire which will both help and hinder his presidency. If you were him would you walk away from everything or trust it to others?