Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Bird Who Tweets
Less Than Trump

Tourists flock to see Donald Trump-like bird in a Chinese zoo   Mashable - November 15, 2016
As Donald Trump's popularity in China climbs, one little golden pheasant is enjoying the perks of fame because of his bright yellow comb-over. Visitors to the Hangzhou Safari Park in Zhejiang province have discovered that one of the birds there has a pretty similar hairstyle to the incoming POTUS.

Trump's Revolving Door

Trump's Cabinet and other political choices are so bad ... I see them coming and going like a revolving door at Trump Tower. Good bye Mr. (Mike) Rogers - YOU'RE FIRED! Giuliani is too old to be Secretary of State, the rest look like drinkers, and of course his family should NOT have security clearance. Trump will headline the news like no other president before him. It will bring chaos to the city even with heightened security trying to figure out how to protect him. What are we learning? Political systems no longer work if they ever did and no one is secure.

About Trump living full time in the White House - one of the things I saw when he was running for office was Melania and their son Barry, 10, living in NYC with Barry attended his same school and the family traveling back and forth - mostly Trump. There will those who will criticize that decision, but it makes sense to me.