Saturday, November 5, 2016

Return to Standard Time

If your area returns to Standard Time ... this is the night. I'll never forget when I got my first Apple Computer in November 1994 and I woke up the next morning to discover it had automatically change the time back to standard time. We've come a long way in 22 years.

Friday morning, I put on my "clock earrings" just for fun. Out I went to run errands. Along the way, I met my neighbor Marcy who took the picture of me in the striped shirt. In the afternoon, a psychic client named Cynthia said she saw spirits to my left and that I appeared to be moving in and out of time. It's all about perception. The second pic was taken in my apartment by my friend Artie. He also sensed something about me and he didn't know how to define it. He adjusted time and took several pics. We are all having adventures in the illusion of time.

Sunday is the annual New York City Marathon

I never get tired of watching the first runners cross over the bridge.

Let's get to the finish line, folks ... no not the 2016 NYC Marathon but the race to the White house. Friday, Chuck Todd of MTP Daily, defined the candidates as ... a dangerous sickly corrupt criminal and an unhinged womanizer who could cause nuclear Armageddon. I'm meeting people who are saying they are not voting but secretly voting for Trump that's how bad things are. Can they get worse? You know they can and will. Oh ... and about the report about the increase in jobs this month ... seriously ... That's about seasonal hiring before the holidays.