Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Thoughts

One week from today, many Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. Not many people will think we have a lot to be thankful for in 2016. There will be talk of personal matters, some people struggling with the old patterns and ideologies of family members. It's easy for me to say, "Let it go", but not so easy to do especially as we live in a society where we like to vent, social media encouraging us to do so. The hologram is instigating human patterns that involve seeking answers and fighting for freedom. A main topic of conversation, as it affects us all, will be Trump. Everyone has an opinion right down to the children. This campaign has strongly divided the country as well as friendships, relationships, and family dynamics. When becoming emotionally invested, don't forget that none of it is real though it feels that way as we experience almost totally through our emotions.

The trend toward celebrating ... just about anything ... based on culture and tradition is universal. Today, we often look upon the things other people believe in as ridiculous and/or outmoded. It's all part of the journey even if your worship spiritual masters - another silly trend.

November 17, 2016


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