Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Women of "Suits"

I love the TV series Suits which features not only great writing and acting but oh-so-hot ladies - hair, fashion, makeup, attitude, strength, and more. My personal favorite is Cuban American actress Gina Torres who is married to Laurence Fishburne who you may remember played Morpheus in "The Matrix" in which Gina costarred in the second and third films.

Abigail Spencer has a recurring role on Suits as Dana "Scottie" Scott - lawyer/lover of the main character Harvey Specter - played by Gabriel Macht. Abigail now stars in the NBC series Timeless as a time traveler.

Sarah Rafferty plays Admin Donna Paulsen who struts into each scene like a professional model and seems to know more than the lawyers on the show. When she walks - she really knows how to "move it".

Let's get to reason for this blog ... actress Meghan Markle 35 - great talent, looks, body, hair and wardrobe. Meghan has secretly been dating Prince Harry, 32, since last May. Don't go jumping ahead in this fairy tale to a wedding as he is probably still a player and grandma may not approve as Meghan is not British, is an actress, divorced, and bi-racial. But it's always nice to read that a girl met "Her Prince" and Harry is charming.

On Suits - Meghan finally got her man
Mike Ross - lawyer with a past - played by Patrick J. Adams.