Monday, October 31, 2016


The ongoing earthquakes in Italy are weakening the Eurasian plate. Sunday's quake was said to be the strongest to hit the country since 1980. Aftershocks will continue. This symbolizes to me the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Then there's neighboring Greece (Greek Empire) and seismic Santorini (Atlantis myths). Is Atlantis rising? Atlantis is another grid/myth but it's not merging with our experience.

Politics - focus for the next 8 days and beyond will be on politics as surprises continue as Trump fights on. You know the sequence of the dramas making this the most unpredictable, dumbfounding and just plain nasty presidential campaign in modern times.

The World Series returns to Cleveland to wrap things up after Sunday night's Cubs victory.The home team takes the title.

NYC is alive with it's annual Halloween Parade which attracts about 2 million spectators. Floats, costumed characters and plenty of puppets will make their way up Sixth Avenue between Spring and 16th streets, causing traffic and closures from roughly 7 until 11 p.m. If you are trick or treating with children - have fun.

Crystalinks Halloween Files Updated