Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Quickies

Facebook - I've been reviewing my friends list and deleting people who have deactivated their accounts to make room for new friends. As of late, the majority of friend requests are from people who are life coaches another name for counselors, therapists, etc. Heal the mind ... heal body. Same old ...same old until clients realize it's all about their programming.

Facebook's new 'Marketplace' is a Craigslist competitor. Products also compete with local eBay shoppers. Not planing to go there. Never visit Craig's list. I prefer eBay and Amazon for bargains.

When I think "Donald Trump" I "see" a man digging his own grave ... and yet ... the potential for him to win is still there. Rigged ... and orchestrated ... What would Shakespeare write about it? What would Lin-Manuel Miranda rap?

The short-lived cease-fire between the United States and Russia over Syria was an obvious distraction and created a more deadly situation than existed before.

Stay safe if you live in an area where Hurricane Matthew can hit.

Poor Kim Kardashian ... no not because of the theft of her jewelry or that she was was held at gunpoint and locked in the bathroom. It's because many on social media are calling it a hoax and are thrilled that it happened because this is the mentality of those who follow her. Maybe she will use the experience to help other victims and stop worrying about how she looks.

Happy New Year from my family to yours.