Sunday, October 2, 2016

Festival in Bay Ridge

We asked the rain to stop and it did, though cloudy and overcast.
This could still be a fun day ...
a festival that ends at sundown as Rosh Hashanah begins.

October 3, 1995

eBay is founded

The first item sold was a broken laser pointer for $14.83.

What makes eBay successful?

The real value and the real power at eBay is the community.

It's the buyers and sellers coming together and forming a marketplace.

Pierre Omidyar: eBay founder and Internet Entrepreneur

When eBay came online, I took little interest. That was less than two months after Crystalinks launched and we were all finding our way around the internet. Through the years, as eBay's inventory expanded, I made great purchases finding discontinued items and bargains galore. I never spend a lot for anything.

Tuesday - Vice Presidential Debate

The only reason to take a serious look at Tim Kaine and Mike Pence is because one of them could become president in the future - two more bad choices in a world where good options seem unavailable. Donald Trump is running his campaign into the ground the likes of which I have never seen meaning there's something going on behind the scenes. This election has cost him a lot. His finances are down, there are criminal actions, campaign and family dramas, and I don't think his marriage will survive. Trump and the Clintons are three of the most unscrupulous corrupt people that have ever run for office - establishment or not. Like most, I'm anxious to have the election over, but what happens in the aftermath when the most disliked president comes into office. Nothing good will result.

In 2016 circus, VP debate promises more staid politics   CNN - October 2, 2016
In the era of Donald Trump, it can be difficult to remember that American politics often consists of drawn-out policy debates between relatively unfamiliar career politicians. This Tuesday's vice-presidential debate between Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence will be a throwback to those less sensational, less star-studded times. After years of high-stakes political theater and hyped-up showdowns that smashed ratings records, Tuesday's debate in Farmville, Virginia, will feature two men with about as much charisma and celebrity status as your kid's little league coach.

  Google's October 4 Event: Here's What To Expect   Forbes - October 2, 2016

Trump's Real Estate Blues: The Biggest Reason He's Down $800 Million This Year   Forbes - October 2, 2016
Despite forays into airlines, casinos and steaks, Donald Trump's fortune remains largely tied up in the industry that made his family rich: real estate. A new Forbes investigation into Trump's wealth pegs his net worth at $3.7 billion, down $800 million from a year ago. Much of that drop - some $475 million - comes from a decline in the estimated value of his properties. The presidential hopeful lost the most in New York City, home to roughly 53% of his fortune. Cooling markets for retail and office space in Manhattan helped lop about $300 million off the net value of some of his most notable buildings, including Niketown and Trump Tower (which also experienced an estimated 20% decline in net operating income). Plus a slowdown in the city's luxury residential market hurt the value of high-end properties, such as the two dozen apartments Trump still owns in Trump Park Avenue, a former hotel he converted into condos in 2002, and his personal residence, a three-story penthouse atop Trump Tower.