Thursday, October 13, 2016

Media Today

Falling Water premieres tonight on the USA network   October 13, 2016

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Literature Prize   BBC - October 13, 2016

Dario Fo: Italian playwright dies aged 90   BBC - October 13, 2016

Michael Jackson outstrips Prince, Bowie as top-earning dead celebrity   Reuters - October 13, 2016

  Dance On 'til Dawn Prince Tribute Begins Tonight   ABC - October 13, 2016

Revolution 2016

Today is perfect proof that controversy never sleeps. What kind of controversy? Take your pick. It's everywhere. It highlights with more scandals about our presidential candidates ... the sad part being we know this is going to continue after election day. Too bad we can't scrap the election and start all over with new candidates and a three-month window on campaigning - debates limited to the country's issues.

America faces a second revolution as there is no one in this country who wants the government to continue as it is today which we can assume is the greater plan of those who run things and remain on the sidelines. Little do they know that their time is also coming and they too will be deleted. The algorithm of this reality follows the patterns of dysfunctionality, distraction, destruction, and death.

The United States was born in the aftermath of revolution. Will there be a second revolution with people like Trump leading the charge? Does it already exist in a cyber reality? As we are a computer simulation we have to assume that we are experiencing in the same way our reality was created.

Political systems across the globe seem to have a shelf life - all set up in the original algorithmic hierarchy where the rich and powerful (often corrupt) rule, the middle-class thinks they control their destinies, and the poor remain subservient generally burning out.

We consider ourselves a strong and powerful nation, but we are losing ground. The financial crisis is overwhelming to the average American who is burning out with the concepts of Hope and Prayer showing themselves to be nothing more than part of the illusion. Racial issues have no way of resolving themselves at the snail's pace we are moving. There is too much divide. Everything needs change but there is not enough time left to do so. Just as you face the dilemmas of climate changes and natural disasters, so too should you prepare for the political, economic, and social changes that are rolling in.

On Yom Kippur, I got to see and speak with members of my extended family. Most are not voting in November while others are still undecided considering Hillary because they can't imagine the chaos in the country if Trump is elected. I see no point in voting as we do not elect the President. We remain pawns in a greater game.