Monday, October 10, 2016

Columbus Day


And so it all began on the North American game board...

Quest to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day sails ahead  
CNN - October 10, 2016


Is this trapped bald eagle symbolic of America today?

He was named Matthew after the recent hurricane that tore through the
Caribbean and southeastern U.S. He was found in Jacksonville, Florida.

The clean up and rescue continues today after Matthew ... Trump and Hillary.

Where did we leave off Sunday night? Ah yes ... I stayed up to watch the Second Presidential Debate but once again Trump's nervous sniffle made me uncomfortable so I fell asleep checking the highlights in the morning. Trump's sniffling is equivalent to the throat clearing many people do when they're uncertain about what they are saying. It's a nervous habit generally brought on by the fact that they are embellishing the facts and insecure.

The debate was about two lying cheating candidates, each trying to discredit the other in the battle for the title. Any way you cut it ... We are the losers.

Trump showed his differences with running mate Mike Pence on their views about Syria. Will Pence drop out? Can Trump change running mates?

Many Republicans are for him to step down - but he won't. There are many lessons here for Donald Trump even at age 70. He was said he doesn't apologize. Since last Friday that's all he does. I don't think he can or will change at his age but he can take a long hard look at how his behavior has affected his family, others he is dealt with in the past.

Surprisingly, Trump appeared with Bill Clinton sexual accusers in a pre-debate photo op. It's not so much about the shady character of Bill Clinton but about how Hillary handled the women in the past - just as sleazy. How low can they go? This like everything else was a diversion as is all of politics and life. What's going on behind the scenes? Even those facts are not often accurate.

The candidates made claims about taxes, terrorism and e-mails - some comments totally flunking the Fact Check.

There was no handshake going into the debate - more like two boxes coming into the ring to prepare for battle - opponents not relaxed but keyed up for the main event. As they walked out - it looked like two seniors from the Senior citizen home down the block from me ... so burned out but still in there punching and jabbing in this round with one more debate to go.

You probably knew how things would play out. Hillary and Trump spent nearly 90 minutes exchanging personal attacks, suggesting that the final weeks before Election Day will be an ugly political brawl. Hillary stuck to a safe script and leveled no surprise attacks while Trump widened his political vulnerabilities with ill-considered comments. Who won? According to some pundits, Trump exceeded expectations and showed supporters that his campaign wasn't over.

They ended on a surprisingly polite note. Trump says that he respects the fact that Hillary doesn't quit - that she doesn't give up. Hillary said that she respects Trump's children.

So on we go to the next event.

October 11 (sundown) - 12, 2016

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the Jewish holiday of the Day of Atonement
and is the most holy day of the Jewish year.