Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Do get the feeling the path of the storm is being "guided" - as it moves along the east coast of Florida - to keep it as far off shore as possible? Could Matthew do a weird loop-de-loop and hit Florida twice? It's possible but I see it "pushed" away from the coast. As natural disasters and climate change accelerate exponentially - follow the patterns until the end.

Ride out the storms that face us on all levels of existence and
understand reality from a level greater than your personal experience.

Through this energy comes clarity and light.

Sunday night is the second Presidential debate. Florida won't extend the deadline for voter registration despite the storm. Hillary Clinton's campaign wanted this because of Matthew's potential disruption to folks who registered right before the October 11 deadline. But Gov. Rick Scott said no. Both Clinton's and Donald Trump's campaigns are monitoring how damage from the hurricane will affect voter mobilization efforts in the battleground state, just a month before the election. Trump held a town hall last night in Sandown, New Hampshire, but insisted this wasn't practice for Sunday's debate with Hillary in St. Louis.

The British pound plummeted more than 6% against the dollar in a matter of minutes this morning. The cause could be computers, human error -- or Brexit.

Is there such a thing as a glass cliff? The theory holds that women often reach positions of power when the situation is dire and the chances for success are low. Some view Theresa May, who became BritainÕs prime minister after the Brexit vote, as an example.