Thursday, October 20, 2016

I will keep you in suspense

Thursday October 20, 2016

I watched the final debate in which Trump tried to control his behavior and stifle his nervous sniffles - but underneath it all the real Trump waits for the time he will show whatever his true agenda is. Moderator Chris Wallace met the challenge in keeping the candidates focused on substantive issues. Going in we already knew where the candidates stood on most issues though Trump has vacillated on his plans to Make America Great Again - and on Hillary - it's not great here depending on who you ask. It's layers of endless corruption camouflaged through the centuries and now coming to the fore.

"I will keep you in suspense" defines our reality and may be the words Donald Trump will best be remembered for as spoken at the end of the third and final debate last night. That remark was his answer to whether he will accept the election results if he loses. Of course, he won't and will say it was rigged ... but by who and to what end Donald? The American people need to know as we have all become conspiracy buffs.

His words feel like the prime directive in our reality to keep players (souls) engaged. But alas, change in the dynamic of the algorithm is creating the end. On some level, we all feel Trump - in his crazy way - might be the person to bring it. At 70, Trump has achieved most things on his bucket list so what does he have to lose in trying to take down a corrupt system. His voters can easily rebel when he loses and the country faces four more years of the same old same old run by the Clinton Machine and whoever backs them. Isn't a part of you rooting for Trump to take them down? I know ... You're worried about collateral damage.

Trump thumbed his nose at pretty much every known political tradition during this wacky campaign, so should we be surprised that he refused to say whether he'll accept the election results if he loses? Wednesday night, Republicans were horrified and many scared as we know he is going to lose. So who takes the fall with him and what is he planning next? He would definitely take it to media buying a station of his own and continuing the fight which could cause riots and all sorts of chaos across the country. Actually, the thought of four years of Hillary will probably have the same reaction.

Along with this, we have WikiLeaks trying to take down the system while those in power try to stop Julian Assange by cutting his internet access - another global conspiracy. Was this accomplished through blackmail? brokering a deal? threats? something else? Are Russian hackers assisting? Aren't you rooting for Assange to reveal everything about the Clintons and more? Why isn't it all online by now? Do you still wonder why many foreign countries hate Americans and want to see us fail? Is anything safe these days? Apparently not. So many conflicting agendas ...

Do you consider yourself patriotic? Time to redefine "Patriotic". How about Patriarchy?

Polls show that Clinton won the debate but that was predicted - not that any of it matters - the stage is already set for the winner. Unless something drastic happens - she will win in November.

The best post debate report as always was Colbert's take which should be on YouTube later today to post here.


You have to wonder if Trump's candidacy is implied somewhere in Nostradamus' Quatrains or in other prophecies throughout the millennia. We used to follow these prophecies and try to adjust them to our timelines but when nothing happened - that we're aware of - on December 21, 2012 - we moved past that research - making our own predictions as we all have intuitive abilities. What would any of these prophets say today?

Conspiracies on TV

I found an interesting new espionage drama television series called Berlin Station. Tonight on Blacklist Red faces the truth when Elizabeth shows him the results of the DNA test. The Backlist reveals many Secret Government Conspiracies. Then there's Homeland an American political thriller television series that turns in January, among others. Quantico returned for it's second season but I'm losing interest as the series again goes from the past and merges it with present storylines.

"Stand By Your Man" - Melania Trump