Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

To my friends and clients in Florida and the Carolinas - be prepared and stay safe as Hurricane Matthew inches closer to your area. Just as we couldn't avoid Hurricane Sandy, this will affect you.

Hurricane Matthew: US evacuations begin ahead of storm   CNN - October 5, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate

This morning I watched the highlights on the news and Stephen Colbert's take - Watch the show.

It was supposed to be the "boring guys" debate, but it was anything but. Veep hopefuls Tim Kaine and Mike Pence clashed repeatedly over their running mates and the direction of the country. Kaine was eager - maybe a little too eager - to interrupt Pence and pepper him with some of Donald Trump's most damaging lines, daring Pence to defend him. Pence, employing skills he learned from his years as a radio talk show host, calmly deflected the criticism and turned them into attacks on Hillary Clinton. Unlike his running mate, Pence didn't take the bait, and that's probably why viewers declared him the winner of this match-up.

  US election: Trump 'fool' and Clinton 'weak', say VPs   BBC - October 5, 2016

Vice-Presidential Debate: What You Missed   New York Times - October 5, 2016

Time Travel

The premiere of the new TV series "Timeless" is another example of what happens when you travel back in time to fix things believing you haven't changed the future. They say that tampering with time lines (grids) changes everything as was depicted at the end of the episode when Abigail Spencer's character Lucy returns home to discover her mother is well but the sister she remembers doesn't exist. We've seen this theme in many films and TV series including my favorites Fringe and Stargate SG1 in an episode Moebius 2 as the main characters travel back in time and believe they had made positive change with nothing happening from their point of origin - which was not actually the case. The episode ends with the SG-1 team at O'Neill's cabin fishing except there are now fish in Jack's pond when throughout the series they joked about him fishing in a pong with no fish.

Tuesday, as I waited at a stop light, a woman walked in front of my car carrying an opened umbrella. It wasn't raining, there was no forecast of rain, nor was it hot and sunny - her umbrella potentially used to create shade. She reminded me of the woman in the time travel Charlie Chaplin film who looks like she was carrying a cell phone ... out of time ... out of phase. Is my umbrella lady in another reality? No. She's one of many people who pass us by most days as we think the world is going crazy. As you know, things pass us by all the time that are not all in this reality grid which takes us to disincarnate projections in the hologram. If they are even aware of us, they see us as projected illusion just as we see them.