Friday, October 14, 2016

Revolution 2016

Full Circle - New World Order - Old World Themes

Based on what Donald Trump is saying, many people are speculating that he is trying to build a New World Order or "New World Government" which aligns with global conspiracy theories. It's everything you've read about for decades. You know the symbolism of the image above that shares grids and iconography with ancient and current timelines. The All Seeing Eye is the black hole related to Simulation Theory - The Holographic Universe.

Some laugh at the very suggestion, while others know there is a truth to what Trump is saying which is how he got as far as he has in this election. Do you sense that something greater - such as one of the warring "factions behind the scenes" - is supporting him? We deserve to understand their agendas but that won't happen now - almost as if this is another delay in closure to keep us focused and playing games until the simulation closes. It seems to come up with unless scenarios as diversions each bringing us closer to the truth behind the illusion.

The Republican Party is imploding. Putting it back together again will never happen. The bipartisan system doesn't work ... it never did. It was set up for failure by suppressing the freedoms of all minorities which include women. The system is allowing us to get another glimpse at how it works at this level. Diversions, busy work, feeling helpless but with a will to fight on ... and people are fighting back in many ways.

Adding to the Obama legacy - Michelle Obama's impassioned speech denouncing Trump's treatment of women hit home for women everywhere - abused or not. It was a stunning personal appeal for human decency. I've always liked and respected her but let's face it ...the Democratic candidate she wants us to vote for is also corrupt and part of a system that should be taken down.

As we march closer to election day, we see perfect proof that controversy never sleeps. What kind of controversy? Take your pick. It's everywhere. It highlights with more scandals about our presidential candidates ... the sad part being we know this is going to continue after election day. Too bad we can't scrap the election and start all over with new candidates and a three-month window on campaigning - debates limited to the country's issues.

America faces a second revolution as there is no one in this country who wants the government to continue as it is today, which we can assume is the greater plan of those who run things and remain on the sidelines. Little do they know that their time is also coming and they too will be deleted. The algorithm of this reality follows the patterns of dysfunctionality, distraction, destruction, and death.

The United States was born in the aftermath of revolution. Will there be a second revolution with people like Trump leading the charge? Does it already exist in a cyber reality? As we are a computer simulation, we have to assume that we are experiencing in the same way our reality was created.

Political systems across the globe seem to have a shelf life - all set up in the original algorithmic hierarchy where the rich and powerful (often corrupt) rule, the middle-class thinks they control their destinies, and the poor remain subservient generally burning out, reminders to the middle class to keep your head down or you'll be like us (the poor).

We consider ourselves a strong and powerful nation, but we have lost ground. The financial crisis is overwhelming to the average American who is burning out with the concepts of Hope and Prayer showing themselves to be nothing more than part of the illusion. Racial issues have no way of resolving themselves at the snail's pace we are moving. There is too much divide. Everything needs change but there is not enough time left to do so. Just as you face the dilemmas of climate changes and natural disasters, so too should you prepare for the political, economic, and social changes that are rolling in.

On Yom Kippur, I got to see and speak with members of my extended family. Most are not voting in November while others are still undecided considering Hillary because they can't imagine the chaos in the country if Trump is elected. I see no point in voting as we do not elect the President. We remain pawns in a greater game.