Sunday, November 13, 2016

SUPER Full Moon 22° Taurus
November 14, 2016

Look what this powerful Full Moon in Taurus has brought amidst the chaos and protests in the US since Donald Trump was elected President on Wednesday 11/9 or 9/11. Sunday, we find this story ... New Zealand: Powerful 7.4-magnitude quake rocks South Island. Does anybody doubt these are end times? I am always happy that readers of this blog are savvy to the patterns of the hologram and prepare for what's coming. On the matter of Earth Changes ... keep watching Oklahoma as the North American Plate is splitting. Be prepared ... car filled with gas, provisions, medical supplies, cash at home, etc. Sorry, Donald (Trump) ... you can't prevent ... stop ... or change any of what's coming ... Now that's the real scary stuff.

From .... On Monday, Nov. 14th, there's going to be the biggest and brightest Full Moon in almost 70 years. The best time to look in North America is before sunrise on Monday morning, while in Europe the best time is after sunset on the same day. The last time we had such a close full Moon was January 26, 1948. It won't happen again until November 25, 2034.

I took these pics Sunday morning as the moon set over Staten Island.

The Skylight, The Full Moon, and the Pyramid in the Window of Time

The actually color of the moon was orange meaning ...

the day would be sunny and clear ... as the sun rose on a picture perfect Autumn day.

My old couch is gone and will be missed, but alas it was time. My new couch - in the same semi-circle shape - is coming Friday. Monday Stanley Steemer is coming to clean my carpets. All of this presented an opportunity to play ... so I just set up my 9-foot pyramid and took this video. It brings back memories of my brand as the "Psychic in the Pyramid".

This is one of the meditations filmed in the studio at the end of my talk show "The Metaphysical Experience" - circa 1992