Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Pat

March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

The Story of St. Patrick

"I Am an American Because of Him": The Journey of Mike Pence's Irish Grandfather  
New York Times - March 17, 2017

Since I can't get out today because there's nowhere to park - I found the picture above from 2015 in front of the bagel store on 3rd. In my area one can generally find green bagels on St. Patrick's Day. In Manhattan the ice and snow along 5th Avenue have been cleared for the St. Patrick's Day Parade hopefully this year without too many political statements. Lots of pubs around the city to enjoy a pint or two with friends especially as today is a Friday and many people aren't working tomorrow. Have fun.

Films and TV

In theaters today ... Beauty and the Beast

The obvious message is seeing beyond the physical.

Action Adventure Movies On Demand I watched this week ... All Great
Tuesday: Jack Reacher. Wednesday: The Accountant. Thursday: Passengers.

Friends are binge watching on Netflix - discovering the appeal of old TV shows and films.

Thousands of people will be watching ...

2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament TV Schedule

NCAA March Madness Basketball Championship Website

I love the way this guy explains things!!

  We Could Back Up The Entire Internet On A Gram Of DNA  
Seeker - March 16, 2017
Nature's code for life is stored in DNA, but what if we could code
anything we wanted into DNA? Scientists are figuring out how.