Thursday, March 16, 2017


Weather: The thaw begins today as temps go above freezing and the ice melts. Yesterday, I ventured out to visit a friend who owns store across the street ... cold, windy, icy ... so after spending time in his nice warm restaurant, I came back home.

Movies On Demand ... Action Adventure. Tuesday: Jack Reacher. Wednesday: The Accountant. Today: Passengers. Friends are binge watching on Netflix.

Autism: After watching The Accountant I read this featured article from the Daily Mail: Is your child destined to become intelligent or autistic? Genes linked to high achievement are fueling a rise in cases of the disorder

Beauty and the Beast
The Storied, International Folk History of Beauty and The Beast   Smithsonian - March 16, 2017

Politics: Do you feel there are factions behind the scenes making a list of everything that Trump is doing wrong in preparation for his downfall? Have we reached a point where anything that goes wrong we blame on him? We certainly seem headed in that direction.

In the news ...

Reality Check: President Trump plans to take his water down travel ban all the way to the Supreme Court.
  Federal judge blocks new travel ban; Trump calls it 'judicial overreach'   CNN - March 16, 2017

Revision: Will Trump produce evidence to support his claim of wiretapping?
Trump Says He'll Have More on Wiretapping Claim Soon   NBC - March 16, 2017

Expect Protests: Is there a way to fix this?
Trump federal budget 2018: Massive cuts to the arts, science and the poor   Washington Post - March 16, 2017

Body Clock: Are you a morning person? I am but my body clock has still not full adjusted to Daylight Saving Time.
Does your morning routine include ...meditation (prayer), coffee, exercise, breakfast? Mine includes breakfast.
What does your morning routine say about you?   Daily Mail - March 16, 2017
Take this test to identify the kind of person you are based on how you spend the early hours.

Cantino Planisphere

Cantino Planisphere: is the earliest surviving map showing
Portuguese geographic discoveries in the east and west.

A Spy, a Map, and the Quest for Power in 16th-Century Europe  
National Geographic - March 16, 2017

It's all in your genes: You are your genetic codes. I love the way this guy explains things!!

  We Could Back Up The Entire Internet On A Gram Of DNA  
Seeker - March 16, 2017
Nature's code for life is stored in DNA, but what if we could code
anything we wanted into DNA? Scientists are figuring out how.