Friday, March 31, 2017


Plan to shut down Rikers Island revealed -- Rikers Island

I have clients who work there as well as a few who are inmates.

Everything changes and generally comes full circle.

If you can't deal with change you may be in an emotional prison.

Some people consider physical reality a prison.

Political Coverups

Reality TV? Cheap spy novel? Like watching a cold war movie, the Trump-Russia connection is unfolding day by day - coverup by coverup. Though I try to avoid these daily stories - sometimes you just can't. Take for example ... former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn who is willing to testify before federal and congressional investigators in their ongoing probe into Russian meddling in the US election if he is granted immunity. For now, investigators are unwilling to broker a deal until they are further along in their inquiry.

Then, there's the Devin Nunes coverup ... At least two White House Officials aided Nunes in getting Intel Reports. In case you didn't know ... Nunes has been criticized as being too close to the administration to conduct an effective independent investigation of Russia's meddling in the presidential election.

Further coverups involve Trump's son-in-law Jarod Kutchner's Russian connections, revelations of Russian-Trump connections in his tax returns, as a Trump Russia dossier key claim is verified. Is Trump doing business with Russia? Is Trump being manipulated and is too stupid to realize it or is he just an ego-centric emotionally disturbed man whose destiny has yet to be revealed?

March 31, 2017

World Backup Day

With so many things being in crisis, don't let your computer be a problem.

Always back up everything. I use time machine and an external hard drive.

Saving to disc has given way to better options such as the cloud.

Save as you go in case of a problem with your computer or server, a power outage ...

Speaking of computers we segue to

My Grandson Giovanni

There's a geek in every family most of whom go on to do amazing things. Take for example Giovanni, 16, finishing his Junior year in High School in AZ. and totally focused on what he wants for his future. Wednesday, he won a National Tech Honor Society Award. Giovanni spends half of his school day in his regular high school, has lunch, then he and 3 friends drive over to a special technical High School. Mainstream education is often not the way to go for many of today's students who hate it. Everything should be specialized. Giovanni's mom teaches gifted children and is trying to make a major difference in her school district.