Thursday, March 9, 2017


Vault 7

Recently, my daughter Nikki, told me that I have become conspiracy theorist. Back in the day I was involved with many interesting people and conspiracies but as you learn about everything in reality - even the conspiracy theories have conspiracies. The web became too entangled for me. After thinking about what Nikki said, I realize it's true but I'm not alone. Most Americans question at this point in the game. The algorithm of our reality is based on conspiracy and follows suit into this matrix. Humans await the Big Unveil -> disseminating of information on more topics than we know exist. When that day arrives, at the end of ACT III, we will understand. For today ... whoever is behind the latest conspiracy wants the world to know the truth and is most likely aided by the powers-that-be playing against their rival in the games of chance.

Everything is a diversion or "shiny object."
Shiny Objects take me to the myth about the Shining Ones from Ancient Mesopotamia - the Anunnaki, Nephelim, and the Watchers.

The All Seeing Eye

In the myth and magic of reality, we find the film "Now You See Me" featuring The Eye a secret society of magicians that claim to have access to real magic with references to secret societies and ancient mystery school teachings. Magic is Illusion. We are projected illusion. Projections use a camera and an eye (black hole) to create and monitor the simulation of our reality. It all ends in the blink of an eye. (Wink)

There does exist . . .

The Guardians of the Seed
The Teachers and Healers
The Protectors
The Record Keepers
The Watchers
The Conspirators

So it was written ... and so shall it be.

Health Care

American Health Care Act of 2017

  GOP healthcare plan clears first hurdle   CNN - March 9, 2017
After an 18-hour session, the House Ways and Means Committee has become the first to approve the Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill. White House and Republican congressional leaders had sought to fast track the legislation through Congress. Democrats made clear it wouldn't be easy -- dragging out a grueling day of committee sessions well into the early morning hours. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is still debating.

When are people going to realize that there will never be a plan that will satisfy Americans unless everyone is covered by the government and healthcare is equal for all. Do you see that happening? Many are saying that this new bill is a "shiny object" in the sense that it detracts from Trump's accusations aimed at President Obama about wire tapping Trump Tower though offering no evidence.