Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Daily Take

Thursday - Everything is interpretation. Interpretation is everything. New questions are being raised about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is said to have met with the Russian ambassador twice in the past year. That would appear to contradict testimony he gave to Congress during his confirmation hearings.

Wednesday - Broken. Mass fear and insanity increasing paralleling climate changes. Healers, energy workers, others see the end of this reality into a better one. Trump reset last night. There will be more. Presidential? Don't be fooled. Speeches detached from reality. Discontinuity. Remarks nationalistic. Over-promising on problem solving. Speech will be forgotten in a day or two as we move to the next drama. Human focus and attention span shortening. Emotions. Lots of terms to describe Trump's behavior - pick one that works for you. I am always drawn to Pence's smile and the read I get from him. He's waiting for his turn/term.

Tuesday - The biggest creator of Fake News is the guy who tweets about it. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Funny video.

Monday - With everything coming to a head I really don't have the patience to follow the daily take on political dramas if avoidable - yet every day there's something new. I trust disclosure happens before he gets impeached. At that time there will be others coming forward with definitive proof of our connections to aliens and the rest, another tangled web filled with discrepancies, diversions, and distractions. Much of the dissemination of this information will be brought forth by leaders from other countries including Russia, China, Mexico, Japan, UK, more.

It may look like a bright sunny day in the city but the wind is so strong,
I watched this ship turn around and has yet to face towards the city and move forward.

The ship ... facing Staten Island