Friday, March 3, 2017

Healing Blog ... 3.3.17

Why am I writing my first (and maybe only) healing blog for 2017? A revolution is taking place as we accelerate to closure. Tech helps. Healers ... too slow. Therapists ... too slow. Meds ... sometimes work. Searching and questing ... too slow. Dwelling on issues and staying addicted to addictions is putting people over of the top. Done. Trump 2017 ... Revolution. Freedom. Change. Confusion. Overthinking. Frustration. Anger. Rage.

Bipolar realities bring bipolar experiences. This week a friend reminded me that Earth's magnetic poles are shifting quickly now which affects the grids of all sentient lifeforms. Your soul is being guided as if autopilot. Every day will bring something unexpected - the Trump Effect. Keep up. I can't tell you how to heal mental illness and learning challenges as that goes to programming. In the time that remains make the most of your experience here ... And so the people listened.