Friday, March 24, 2017

The Moment of Truth

  Trump card: White House plays its hand in health care battle   BBC - March 23, 2017

Can they resuscitate the bill? Not successfully. It would take time. Trump is trying to do too much too soon. Everything is a do-over. After House Republican leaders abruptly canceled a planned vote on the GOP health care bill Thursday afternoon, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney made clear Thursday evening that President Trump is done negotiating on the hotly-debated health care bill and wants a vote on Friday. If the president doesn't get a vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, he will move on to other priorities, Mulvaney said, according to a source in the room during tense talks with GOP members. The ultimatum came after Speaker Paul Ryan postponed the initial vote for the measure. The uncertainty over the bill's prospects leaves the president, who prides himself on his ability to "close the deal", facing a rare instance of self-doubt.

How Ole Dammegard Predicts Terrorist Attacks

Spiritual Retreats and Brain Chemistry

Whenever you participate in the energies of a spiritual retreat ... happiness is generally the result. The problem is ... when returning to your daily life, the energies return to your programmed emotions and issues.. Enjoy your spiritual retreat but remember it's only a temporary fix.

Spiritual retreats change feel-good chemical systems in the brain   Science Daily - March 23, 2017
More Americans than ever are turning to spiritual, meditative and religious retreats as a way to reset their daily life and enhance well-being. Now, researchers show there are changes in the dopamine and serotonin systems in the brains of retreat participants. Since serotonin and dopamine are part of the reward and emotional systems of the brain, it helps us understand why these practices result in powerful, positive emotional experiences.

Would you choose to live forever?

My answer: Not if I was trapped in physical reality (linear time).

Would you choose to live forever?   Daily Mail - March 24, 2017
Age-reversing pill that Nasa wants to give to astronauts on Mars will begin human trials within six months. Scientists have made a discovery that could lead to a revolutionary drug that actually reverses aging. The drug could help damaged DNA to miraculously repair and even protect Nasa astronauts on Mars by protecting them from solar radiation. A team of researchers developed the drug after discovering a key signaling process in DNA repair and cell aging.