Friday, April 28, 2017


"Focus" takes on another meaning for me today, when I become part of my first-ever focus group discussing our main local supermarket, Foodtown. We meet at high noon - lunch included - at the Bridgewater Diner on 3rd. When I received the invitation, the woman told me I was chosen at random, but most of us know nothing is random or by accident in the algorithm of reality. Algorithmic Information Theory.

This week on Ellie's World ... Focus: Brain, Emotions, Politics, Peaceful Revolutions/Resolutions

We Blow Things Up

N. Korea's chilling video of mock attack on US -- Click on the CNN link for North Korea's propaganda video. Does any of this scenario ring true for you? In any other timeline, I would have said NO, but things don't work the way they used to in terms of predictability and manifestation. We experience in chaos. We experience through emotions. . Now, go to your emotions. Does this story illicit fear? It doesn't for me, but never forget we are programmed to "Blow things up" to keep us engaged in an otherwise tedious bio-genetic experiment. In an old theme ... are aliens preventing or encouraging humanity's self-destructive behavior.? Within the hologram, they probably have some influence but at the end of the day it's the hologram that creates the algorithms (inserts) that we play out.

Return of Ancient Aliens

Return of Ancient Aliens - If only it were true, but for today ...

Ancient Aliens returns tonight - Season 13 Ep. 1 "Alien Hunters". You never know what info will be shared that you need to hear or will trigger a memory. I wish aliens would return, but as time goes by that seems unlikely though I know many of you believe they will at the end. I hope you're right. As for past experiences in the Planet Earth Hologram, anything is possible. Everything is an insert through which we experience vicariously (virtually) to expand consciousness in the alchemy of time. Aliens, Gods, all part of the process. Time Travel is the key ... Researcher uses math to investigate possibility of time travel

Day 100 for the Trump Administration

April 29, 2017

Inside Donald Trump's tumultuous first 100 days  
CNN - April 28, 2017

White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
Trump is not attending

Google News

People, especially those running for office, promise a lot of things which we know are impractical and will never happen. Today we realize some things not only can't be fixed, but can't be redefined in or by time. No one should give a timeframe to fix things as Trump is learning, especially where there are no solutions.