Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pink Moon

April 11, 2017

Full Moon 21° Libra

Full Pink Moon

We are approaching Tax Day 2017 - one week away as April 15th is a Saturday. Most people I know have ready filed. In the energies of Passover, I connected with friends old and new - most of whom didn't realize it was Passover. Times are changing and the need honor and celebrate events they may or may not have happened seems trivial to so many especially as consciousness detaches from the grids or those grid inserts no longer exist.

I suppose many of you are following current events - also based on your programming - that lead up to the end of the hologram. If you could look at your brain as a puzzle - you were slowly putting the pieces together with several missing. Are those pieces big or small? have many or few sides? Flat or holographic?

Easter . Jesus . Ascension

BC - Binary Code -> Hologram BC - Before Christ -> Vitruvian Man Geometry BC - Before Crystalinks