Saturday, April 22, 2017

Memos and Memories

Turning Sweet 16

Marilyn, Anita, Fran, Mike - 2017

The past few days have been about catching up with more friends from my high school and college days in Brooklyn. From my perspective, it seems like a lifetime ago. The fact that I remember names, dates, places, and even birthdays is exciting at my age when most people are experiencing memory loss. You know me, I don't worry about things like that. Friends and I have exchanged pics and calls ... continuing on today with Fran. I think I'm the only one left in Brooklyn. Marilyn mentioned that they all went blond (or in Mike's case, bald) and couldn't believe my hair is still its natural color.

Okay ... Let's segue to what's going on in the big bad world of dramas ... Ellie checking the news ... still in the same predicaments as yesterday morning at this time ... diversions, cover-ups, and people trying to figure out what's going on behind the scenes. Very exhausting and makes you wonder if it's worth the effort with just a few exceptions that include North Korea and terrorism as humans continue to blow stuff up.

Speaking of cover-ups ... does anybody watch The Blacklist? There were back to back episodes this week revealing more about past connections between Mrs. Kaplan, Elizabeth, Raymond, and other main characters. Really worth watching. I look forward to the final three episodes of Season 4.

In case you missed the memo ... it's Earth Day for those who are trying to heal, help, and save the planet. This all goes to the theme of people wanting to make a difference. That too seems like the distant past as we move closer to the source of reality as if on the event horizon of a black hole (truth).

Speaking of space ... the Lyrid meteor showers peak this weekend. Back in the day they were considered harbingers of doom. For today we just consider meteor showers a colorful display in the sky ... while many sky watchers wish they connected to celestial "friends". If you were writing a story about the Lyrids what themes would come to mind. For me it would be reunion and love.