Saturday, April 29, 2017

When Lightning Strikes

Saturday, 5:15 AM ... There I was, fast asleep, when the sound of non-stop thunder and endless lightning woke me and thousands of others affected by this storm which slowly swept across my area. I watched from my bedroom window noting that lights were on in homes as far as I could see. This was one powerful storm that went on for about 45 minutes as the lightning never paused. I know what you're thinking .. it's all part of the changing landscape in end times.

Once awake, I decided to lay back in bed with the shade up watching the storm alongside last night's episode of Ancient Aliens - thunder and lightning creating interesting special effects. "Alien Hunters" was a review of the UFO phenomenon and what lies ahead in the search for extraterrestrial intervention with humans since the beginning.

Just as I've pieced together science and pseudoscience for the past 22 years on Crystalinks, so too do the writers and producers of this series, now in its 13th year. Anyone programmed for the journey for the past decades knows how the dots connect, but bear in mind there are newbies out there who are just figuring things out. Ah, but they have the advantage of getting info with lightning speed ... a parallel for the acceleration of information in end times.

Whatever you think you know - no matter how you received your information - research, personal experiences, channeling, dreams, etc. is only the tip of the iceberg. What remains ...

Choice 1 ... Aliens enter our part of the hologram and reveal the truth about who we are and why we are here.

Choice 2 ... Humanity for the most part remains in the dark until the end of (the illusion of) time. FADE TO BLACK