Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It's US Income Tax Day -- Trump's promise to overhaul the tax code is in serious jeopardy, and his refusal to release his tax returns is emerging as a central hurdle. Democrats have pledged not to cooperate on a new plan unless they know how it might benefit the president and his family, and a growing number of Republicans are also calling for him to share his tax forms. Will Trump ever reveal his taxes? Doubtful.

Politics is a changing game ... filled with surprises. Across the pond ... UK Prime Minister Theresa May to seek early election   CNN - April 18, 2017

More politics ... Supporters of President Erdogan of Turkey like the idea of a strong leader standing against external aggression. In a phone call on Monday, Trump congratulated Erdogan after his victory in a referendum that expands the power of the presidency, but whose results the opposition has contested. The vote makes it less likely that Turkey will be able to join the European Union.

  Here's Why Trump Cares So Much About Tuesday's Election   NBC - April 18, 2017
Why so much hubbub over a single congressional seat in Georgia? Tuesday's special election in the state's 6th Congressional District is drawing national media attention because the vote is being seen as an early indicator of more consequential elections to come, especially next year's midterms.

Boston Marathon 2017

My grandson Michael (#22) and his Boston College friends and roommates at the Boston Marathon.

In the news ...

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