Sunday, April 9, 2017


Spring has arrived in the city. It really changes the energies after weeks of rain and cold weather. The world may be going crazy around us, but for now we get out and enjoy the energies of family and friends especially as this is the start of the holiday seasons - Easter and Passover - and the mythologies of religions that influence us today.

Palm Sunday

Enjoy Palm Sunday as a segue to Easter 2017 ...

Do you feel that ascension, or resurrection of consciousness, is close at hand?

The Lost City of Z

In 2009 I wrote this blog aboutThe Lost City of Z - Finding Gold, God, Alchemy and more. On Friday 4.14 the film finally premieres in the US - my blog updated. Z takes us to many adventures on Crystalinks where all things lead back to Zoroaster in his many guises. The story of Z began at the beginning with the Sumerian Gods and the Garden of Eden.

Speaking of 414

On September 11, 2004 I posted a dream about 414

Esther 4:14