Friday, December 7, 2012

Earthquake - Japan

One of the final precursors I told my class to pay attention to is a major earthquake coming out of Japan, very soon, accompanied by a tsunami. This would result in the sinking of an island off Japan, which would crack the Pacific Plate, followed by the North American Plate .... etc. And the rest is history.

Major quake strikes off Japan, setting off small tsunami CNN

Throughout my trip to the US west coast, I saw earthquakes and a climatic global ending now. My visions and dreams also reflected the same patterns. No matter where I went while here, the messages were consistent. Whether I was in San Diego, Laguna Beach, or Newport Beach, the strong feelings kept on coming, regarding this plate activity. Being here in this part of the country, you feel these grids more profoundly. It makes the precursors much clearer, and easy to see and feel. I will blog further about this on the weekend after returning home today. My journey here is complete. To be continued....