Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ellie meets Quetzalcoatl/Z

You'll never guess who I met. Yes, I met Z, well, Zoltar. His blue eyes were simply captivating for me and I had to get a "reading." I inserted my dollar. He gestured and moved his hands over the crystal ball, and cards. Then, out came my fortune.

So, here's my ticket out of here !

So, it looks like lots of luck for me in the next month ! That's 2013 !! Will I even be around, or is it good luck outside the box ? AND at night, Z come out again! In the fog and mist, he emerges....

End Times - A Workshop

December 2, 2012 - Some of the students who attended my workshop "End Times"

The focus of the workshop was "Reality" .... from beginning to end. Originally, the workshop was from 1-4pm, but it continued until 6:00 with a unique ending after the meditation. Seated in a dimly lit room, the students saw me fade to black, then disappear. Reality remains myth, math, metaphor, and magic!

California Friends and Sights

Pier Perspectives

Ellie in California

Hi Everybody,

The trip so far has been GREAT- highlighted by my class on Sunday where I shared energies and theories with students and it felt making wonderful new friends. The energies of the people here are so warm and welcoming. The suite I staying at is beautiful. Here's some shots of it:

I can see why people are guided here, which goes way beyond the weather, speaking of which ....

It's been a mix of rain and sun since I got here, but nothing stops this New Yorker. It's going to be sunny for the rest of the vacation, so off I go today to meet Brenda to enjoy the coast of La Jolla and San Diego.

Beautiful La Jolla

Tomorrow, I venture north .....