Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Bright White Sun

Wednesday, many people noticed that the sun looked larger than usual and was neither yellow - nor its natural color white - but what one would call "Ultra Bright White" - the brilliance almost surreal, but that explains everything in our reality. With some predicting the end of time Friday, the brilliant sun could potentially connect to that myth. Here's another theory ... we are projected illusion in a hologram that has ended. Like the projector in a movie theater, after the reel/real finishes turning, there is a final second where we see a bright white light before it fades to black - that is where our reality exists/exits now. These are just metaphors of course - but fun to explore. If we really want to talk about films, the sun, creation, bright lights, and children again this week, it's time to go to the film Knowing where Caleb and Abby leave on the ship with the beings of light. The full movie is now online.

It's always about the children...

Zsia discovers the simulation

My grandson, Dylan, turned 12 on Wednesday, 12/19/12. On 12/12/2000, a few days before Dylan was born, he came to me in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid and told me I would "go home' when he turned 12.

Nothing happened to me yesterday, but his mom, my daughter, Zsia, had an interesting experience. On her way to a business meeting in Newark, New Jersey, a car suddenly came out of nowhere and made an illegal U-Turn right in front of her. She remembers not having time to hit the brake, and seeing the driver in the other car move through her car as they collided. Then her consciousness was back, sitting in her car, as a man in a local store came running to her rescue in what he saw as a major accident. The man shouted to pull over and that he was a witness to the accident.

Both cars pulled over on what is a 4-lane street (2 lanes in each direction). The man in the car that allegedly hit her, got out. Believe it or not, he had his two children in the car and was taking them to school, already late. Here is the point ... nothing happened to Zsia or her car. Though shaken, she was fine as was the other driver, his children, and their car. All the other driver could do was apologize over and over ... then exchange information as they all stood there in shock.

In the evening, Zsia called me for an explanation. Simple ... like me, Zsia has the ability to stop time and change the insert - thus leaving everyone unharmed on this day. It has happened to me on many occasions, but I have always understood the nature of reality as a simulation, why I am here, and how to manipulate time. Today, Zsia did the same thing. We had been talking about the simulation for days, especially now as physicists are seeking to prove everything is virtual. On this day, the 12th birthday of her son Dylan, Zsia experienced first-hand how reality works. Welcome to my world.

Thursday in the simulation ... tick tock

For now, my consciousness remains in the black void of creation as this simulation comes to an end. Will it be tomorrow in our reality, I doubt it, as predicted dates have always been wrong. What do you get from all of this? All of the meditations and energy work going on at this level will not change anything. They serve to help you remember that reality is an illusion - nothing more. All you can do is trust your intuition.

One day soon ... no matter where you are, or what you are doing ... suddenly, everything will fade to black and the simulation will end. Your soul will leave and either go to the light, if you are part of the illusion, or to the shiny black void, if you created it. In either case, in that instant, you will understand all and everything.

FYI - don't expect those who are not programmed to get this to listen to you if you try to explain. They won't. Hopefully they will, when all fades to black at the end of time.

End Program

The final episode of Star Trek Enterprise was called These Are the Voyages ... . It featured Jonathan Frakes' character Commander Riker as the focal point. The show centered around the use of the holodeck (metaphor for our reality) as a place we see characters interacting, or recreating scenarios, as a means to an end. Here, we experienced the starting and stopping of simulations created by Riker to learn. This is the premise of our reality. You are on a journey in a simulation set in space and time. It is about to end. In 2012, Ellie Crystal in Brooklyn got to work with Captain Kirk.

The closing line of the series finale - Riker to Lt. Troi - "End Program"! ... So shall it be.

All that was left were the grids ...

They walked through the door and then they were gone.

End Program - Fade to Black