Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Memos

Mayan Calendar prophecy -- I spoke to several people yesterday who were counting on something big happening and are let down almost to the point of depression. Someone I met on the internet in 2011, named Peter, who shared similar theories, planned to jump off Bell Rock in Sedona, into a portal that he believed would open and never did. Sedona Vortex Jumper Peter Gersten Wanders Home After Vortex Fails to Open   Phoenix New Times - December 23, 2012

Channelers are walking away from whomever they talk to as disappointment reigns. I wonder what Nancy at Zeta Talk feels now that Nibiru never showed up. I told everybody that their predicted events would never happen, yet they still needed purpose and believed. They all fail to get the point that we are still in the window for closure, but Time, like reality, is an illusion and allusive.

It's curious that 2013 is not in the grids ... as if it is going to appear in the hologram as it goes along fading to black abruptly. This is different but makes sense.

For now we are about the holidays, though not the happiest for many around the world, for reasons you read about every day in the news. For many in my area, and the north east, there has been great loss over the past two months due to Hurricane Sandy and the recent events in Newtown, CT.

Still and all this is a time of the year millions of people have hope about 2013 and positive changes about the landscape of reality.

This week I will be busy with family and friends. I hope you enjoy your time whatever you are doing.