Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Chanukah

December 8-16, 2012


Hanukkah or Chanukah, the Festival of Lights

Adventures in Southern California

In all I had an amazing time in California. The weather wasn't the best - a mix of sun, clouds, and rain, but I worked around it and prefer cooler temperatures. I want to thank George, my cohort in this hologram, who posted photos all week combined with my text and some of his own! (giggle) I think he loved the role of Zoltar. I also want to give special thanks to Karen from Laguna Beach for helping me set up the class, Laurel from Panaroma City who played tour guide and more, John who flew in from Tampa for the workshop then spend several days with me, and the other special friends I made along the way. As a New Yorker, I most appreciated how polite people were - great energies.

My favorite places were La Jolla, Balboa Beach, and Laguna, in that order. I was guided to spent the entire trip along the coast - the need to visit the mountains, deserts, inner cities, and other tourist attractions not connecting - been there - did that. This trip was about the return to the sea.

What's ahead for December 2012 ... holidays, 12/12/12 energies on Wednesday, 12/21/12 for those into the Mayan Calendar as an end time date, and whatever stirs one's soul. George will be here on 12/12/12, but I have no plans for 12/21/12. It's all numeric codes and a state of consciousness set in something called linear time, a unique concept in which your soul is experiencing. It is there your answers lie.