Saturday, April 9, 2016


I missed Bernie in Brooklyn Friday because I was busy with clients. It was also very cold for an outdoor event and I didn't want to hear more political rhetoric in his battle with Hillary. Don't get me wrong ... I still like Bernie but TV coverage makes keeping up easier.

Every day seems to produce more dramas for most of the candidates. Yesterday was about a statement Bernie made about Hillary not be qualified to be president. Is she? She has skillfully played the games and tried desperately to get there most of her adult life. Like all politicians ... before and after ... it's mostly talk and wishful thinking ... followed by bribes, cover-ups, and no actions ... or promises made with endless delays. Many things in this reality come with delays ... often followed by disappointments. What are we still doing here?

A Republican Congress will not help a Democratic President. Now, let's look at the Republicans ... from crazy candidates to a former Speaker of the House who paid people off after molesting boys. This is the Establishment we all want to take down and make them pay ... which is why Trump and Bernie are popular. The old ways must go.

I'm sure you know the Pope invited Bernie to the Vatican days before the NY primary. That makes an interesting statement. This week Bernie saw the Broadway smash 'Hamilton' ... I can't wait to see it this summer. Campaigning may be an endless amount of stress and work but it has its perks. Good luck Bernie. I still feel the Democratic machine will support Hillary over you in the end. :(

Bernie believes it's time to make college tuition free and debt free. Sorry Bernie but that's not possible though it should be.