Sunday, April 17, 2016

Earth Changes and
End Times

Many people have been experiencing fear and anxiety in recent weeks for no apparent reason. And still the feeling - as if a moment of intuition - is there for them. Could this be about end times?

This week takes us to the New York primaries as well as changes in global finance. Many people within the spectrum of politics and economics are predicting a major downfall this year. Maybe that's what's causing the frequency of fear to permeate the grids. The primaries will come to pass as predicted in recent polls - especially now when the need to find a strong leader who is not encumbered by the establishment - is "primary".

End times continue to rock 'n' roll with the geophysical planet nudging people to remember who we are and where we are going. There have been powerful earthquakes in the past three days in both Japan and Ecuador as a result of movement of the Pacific Plate. They are just precursors to the complete destruction of the Pacific Plate which will have a domino effect on the Earth's other plates. There will be volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and you know the rest. Along with that wildfire season has begun in some areas. There is no going back. No one is to blame. It's just the algorithm bringing the experiment to closure. No need to run and hide or try to pray or meditate a new outcome. It's simply time to return to light and consciousness.

2016 Kumamoto, Japan earthquakes

  Japan earthquake: Search for survivors intensifies   BBC - April 17, 2016

2016 Ecuador 7.8 earthquake

  Ecuador earthquake of 7.8 magnitude kills dozens   BBC - April 17, 2016

April 17, 1880 - February 20, 1960

Charles Leonard Woolley

  Charles Leonard Woolley Google Videos

Charles Leonard Woolley was a British archaeologist who advanced knowledge
of ancient Mesopotamian civilization upon excavation of the ancient Sumerian
city of Ur (modern Iraq), the royal burial site of many Mesopotamian royalties.

Ancient 'Noah' Skeleton Discovered in Iraq
Live Science - August 7, 2014

A 6,500-year-old skeleton rediscovered in the basement of
the Penn Museum in Philadelphia was originally unearthed in
1929-1930 by a team of scientists led by Sir Leonard Woolley
at the site of Ur in what is now southern Iraq.

When digging ceases to be a great game and becomes, as in Egypt, merely business,

there will be great uprisings throughout the Middle East and the Arab Nations.

Charles Leonard Woolley

  Palmyra: Inside ruins of ancient city retaken from IS  
BBC - April 1, 2016

April 17, 1891 - April 23, 1965

George Adamski

  George Adamski Google Videos

George Adamski was a Polish-born American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, and to have taken flights with them. The first of the so-called contactees of the 1950s, he was called a "philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher", though his claims were met with skepticism.

I saw a beautiful golden ship in the sunset, but brighter than the sunset.
It reminded me of aliens gods in a chariot, forever promising to return.

George Adamski

Bernie has a rally in Prospect Park, Brooklyn Sunday afternoon but the area has restrictions - no parking, no seating, and what you can bring - so once again I'm going to pass.

Person of Interest - Final Season (5)

Person Of Interest Season 5 Premiere Synopsis Released Online   IBTimes - April 16, 2016
The countdown is on, "Person of Interest" fans! CBS finally announced the Season 5 premiere of the crime series last month, and now devoted followers can get the scoop on episode 1 ahead of the May 3 air date. According to the official synopsis, the Season 5 premiere is titled "B.S.O.D." But what exactly does that stand for? It means "Blue Screen of Death" and is used to describe a computer system failure - like when the screen turns blue with white text. Obviously, this is never a good thing.