Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Villanova University
NCAA Champs

What a game! What a finish ... a buzzer-beater with one second to go ...

If you were following March Madness --- Congratulations to Villanova University as the Wildcats Men's Basketball Team's became the NCAA Champions.

  No Classes as Villanova Celebrates Wildcats' Basketball Championship   NBC - April 5, 2016


Good day voters, who play the games of politics. Will the NCAA finish last night in the final seconds be symbolic of things coming down to the wire for the Republican Party in 2016? Can Trump change and reinstate his momentum or will he foul and lose the game for his team (party)? Who's in your bracket?

Today voters in Wisconsin can shape both parties' nomination races giving the winners a shot of momentum heading into the big East Coast contests later this month. Sensing a victory in Wisconsin Cruz is amplifying his calls for Kasich to leave the race.

The Trump Wives ... Trump, hoping to repair his image with women, has enlisted his wife, Melania, to help ... not a good idea. Trump's ex Ivana said in a recent interview "As long as immigrants come here legally and get a proper job that's okay. We need immigrants. Who's going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don't like to do that." Yes fellow Americans ... she said that. Should Trump lose tonight - and he will - his tangles with Wisconsin's conservative talk radio hosts may be seen as a factor.

In the democratic bracket ... going in today polls show Bernie with a modest lead over Hillary. There was something about that female lesser goldfinch landing on Bernie's podium that changed the energy in his favor though we know the Democratic Party has to find a candidate who is strong enough to be Trump or whoever even if she is a criminal - but then again most political leaders criminals in one way or another. The Panama Papers are showing us another level of international corruption highlighted with Putin.

Two weeks from today ... The Democrats are focusing on the New York primary where climate change and fracking have emerged as major issues. Guess who's debating in Brooklyn?

  Clinton, Sanders to meet for Brooklyn debate   CNN - April 5, 2016
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have agreed to meet for a Democratic debate on CNN and NY1 Thursday April 14, five days before a crucial primary election in New York state. The debate will take place in Brooklyn and will be moderated by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, who led two GOP debates earlier this election season.

Where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet and Civilization Allegedly Began

If you are into ancient ruins as a means of preserving the energies of an illusive past ...

Some believe the area is a portal perhaps connected to aliens or other grid realities.

Is the destruction symbolic of the past and future coming full circle?

All the King's horses and all the King's men ....

Middle East --- Ancient Egypt

Photos: A Times photographer traveled to Palmyra, Syria, to see what remained of its archaeological treasures after almost a year of Islamic State control   NY Times - April 5, 2016
Now that government forces have ended the Islamic State's nearly yearlong siege of Palmyra, there has been a rush to repair the ancient city's treasures.