Monday, April 25, 2016


It's that time of the year - allergies - both old and new - reshape people's daily lives and sleeping patterns. Out in Gilbert, Arizona my daughter Tracy said locals are faced with this situation ... Many people are transplanted from other parts of the country bringing various trees and plants to new areas - their pollen conflicting with local plant life and created all sorts of new allergens. My neighbor Jack, 75, told me that he no longer feels comfortable talking his morning walk around the park across the street because of pollens.

When it comes to being allergic to something, how about the way things are run in Washington. The news this morning portrayed Cruz and Kashich ganging up on Trump to move towards a contested convention this summer. Their behavior will either work or misfire ... especially as Mercury Retrograde begins on Friday and always brings dramas to all concerned. Trump's tweets in response remind us of how desperate the RNC is, as it fights for its survival - and how rigged things are in Washington. If anything, I want to see Trump take down the political system. He will never be presidential and will take Congress away from the republican and hopefully put things back in the hands of the people. Tuesday, both Trump and Hillary will win big. I'm sure you know Hillary is considering running mates.

Today is DNA Day. Last week, I blogged about two mutant genes that didn't allow my client's nephew to absorb certain vitamins, resulting in symptoms of bipolar disorder. He is being treated and slowly recovering. Well, here comes something from my friend John in Tampa. His son, 40's, has a genetic defect that is creating early onset Alzheimer's Disease. A client found the same to be true with her husband - also in his 40's. These symptoms can be a result of head injuries, but testing has shown a mutant gene as the cause. I can't imagine being in my 40's and unable to function, drive, remember, etc.

Last month, I visited the Museum of Modern Art. Today, the fortunes of the Museum of Modern Art and the struggling Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City illustrate the state of the art world, which is dominated by Modern and contemporary art. 2 Art Worlds: Flush MoMA, Struggling Met   New York Times - April 25, 2016

The redesigns of the $5, $10 and $20 bills will be unveiled in 2020, about 500 years after the word "dollar" came into use. It comes from the German word "thaler," derived from Joachimsthaler, a coin first minted in a town of the same name in Bohemia. The dollar was chosen as the monetary unit of the new United States in 1785. Colonists had printed their own paper bills, called Continentals, during the Revolutionary War. Before that, British pounds, shillings and pence were used in the colonies. But Spanish dollar coins - which were in wide circulation in the Americas - and Indian beads were also used. The Spanish dollar - also called a peso - was abbreviated as P, with an S behind it when more than one peso was indicated. But accountants had to spell out the word "dollar" for U.S. currency or abbreviate it as "Doll" in lengthy ledgers. They got tired of doing that and, according to "A History of Mathematical Notations" (1929), the abbreviation for the Spanish dollar was tweaked to become the U.S. dollar sign.