Sunday, April 3, 2016


Pacific 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off Vanuatu - no tsunami  
BBC - April 3, 2016

Upstate NY at my friend Barry's house this morning - his new puppy

Here in Brooklyn the wind is howling and blowing things around as the sun comes out after a stormy night. Luckily it didn't snow here at the start of a Sunday filled with clients who live in Brooklyn.

Politics is still the major topic of conversation as most people I know see no solutions to the endless issues that face the nation and the world. Just as one set of circumstances seems to be resolving, something even more chaotic arises somewhere both at home and abroad. Of course you know why this is happening and will continue. In the meantime - today we will enjoy whatever positive and fun things come along including ...

iHeartRadio Music Award

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51st Academy of Country Music Awards Website

Always a great show for us country music lovers.

Last week I went line dancing with a few people from the area.
If I go back I'll take a pic if they are okay with it.

I love George's sound ...