Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Trump has changed his immigration plan. Everything about Trump's administration will change and much is bull.

Last night on the TV series "Bull" ... the main character, and head shrink, Dr. Jason Bull, (Michael Weatherly), described his adversary as sociopath discussing the personality traits - actions disassociated from emotions. As he did I thought of Trump.

We move to ... not the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain but an elusive black bull who race through the streets of Queens, NY yesterday. He was captured but it was not a happy ending as he died en route to a sanctuary.


Yesterday, I met a new tenant in my building who moved to a studio apartment a few doors down. Let's call her Lisa - 30, caucasian, smart, pretty, slim, sweet, a social worker, and going through a divorce. She invited me to see her apartment which has basic furniture. I suggested that in time adding some plants, pictures etc. it will start to feel more like a home. Then, Lisa told me she was a minimalist with no intention of buying things for the apartment.

What did this really mean to Ellie the psychic/therapist? Lisa is not going to live there very long, and feels lost though she is the one who wanted the divorce. As we talked, I realized how deep her emotional problems were and suggested a therapist. She told me she had been in therapy for years and has never found herself. Not wanting to get caught up in her dramas, I excused myself and went home. I felt sad for her and others who suffer such a fate and never find themselves, constantly reinventing but most often remaining lost. I hope she finds what she is looking for ... but if she doesn't know what that is ... her life will remain minimal.

Back in my apartment, I decided to look at Minimalism to create this blog. I know many people who are totally happy and balanced in that lifestyle, mostly men. As for me, I hate any type of clutter and scale down as often as I can, but as I have a home-office it's not always easy - besides I love the feeling of my favorite things around me. I am far from a packrat and I love things in perfect order. I could enjoy Minimalism if I lived away from home for a brief period of time knowing I could come home to the things that balance my energies and speak to me about who I am. As they say, home is where the heart is. The rest is just stuff.

Food Network Annual Sales Conference

Last night in Florida ... my daughter Nikki won ...

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The women in my family like to make a difference. My oldest daughter Tracy is a teacher of gifted children and loves to run events for students and parents. My middle daughter, Zsia, is a partner in a CPA firm. She just ran an event in Manhattan for 1,000+ women in their field from around the country.