Friday, February 3, 2017


Understanding what's going on from another perspective.

It's all going somewhere.

It's been another wild and crazy week which we all anticipated no matter who became president. No one can fix the issues in a program set up in duality. Trump is accelerating the energies like ripping off the bandaid ... ouch! You can blame it on Trump or destiny but nothing could have prevented anything that is happening now. Each day you wake up to a new set of chaotic events (diversions) that challenge your emotions, mind and attention span - from natural disasters to unrest in every aspect of the things we would like to be safe. You think about where you are in your life right now and how these changes can alter your current situation based on history, emotions, and other factors.

Do you remember back in the day when you read/understood that the illusion of time is slowing down as frequency and perception increase. This momentum correlates with the rapid changes Donald Trump is bringing. Some will follow and analyze day-to-day events, others will take mental breaks returning when the grids spike, but no one will be completely detached. Life for many is in the rear view mirror, it goes by so fast. You've had your years of healing and awareness - now it's time to utilize tools that work for you and allow things to unfold.

The next three days will be about Super Bowl LI and pre-game events - another diversion in a never ending list. Human emotions need these diversions especially in this timeline. Being a Tom Brady fan,and having a dagger in CT. .... I'm going with the New England Patriots.

Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl: Pitt professor used in-game data from the past seven NFL seasons  
PhysOrg - February 2, 2017