Saturday, February 18, 2017

Turning 74 on 2.17.17

Well here I am ... officially 74 as of 11:25pm last night ... as my grandson Noah would say. I spent the day doing the things I love then was surprised by friends who showed up ... Surprise!

I want to thank everyone who emailed with birthday wishes (thanks guys) and was honored by the many phone calls from family and friends. Today I party with family in NJ. More later ...

Being 74 with no health or other issues is amazing. I feel just as I always did.

Questions people ask:

Do I sleep well? 9 hours every night - white noise machine

Medication, drugs, drinking etc.? Never ... None

Diet: Protein and veggies. Prepare my own food. Struggle less with sugar these days but my guilty pleasure Peeps are on the shelves

Exercise: Stretches, active not hyperactive

Meditation, etc. Never

Stress: Keep things simple ... None for the most part

Love my work? Always ... It's coming full circle as you know

Work goals: Whatever comes along

Politics: Never went there but follow now. Addicted? I don't think so.

Economy: Not programmed for it

Favorite new apps: You put your finger on each app to see blood pressure, or sugar levels, or cholesterol - all low

Favorite 2016 film: "Hidden Figures"

Something a psychic told me on my 41st birthday in 1984: "You're a teacher now and always will be, but you're going to be famous and do something important that changes the way people think." That sounded strange at the time.